Here we report on recent issues and forthcoming events:

At the Council meeting on 8th January Councillors were pleased to Co-opt Mrs Gill Taylor to fill the existing vacancy, giving us a full compliment of 12 Councillors.

Unfortunately, on 16th January the Town Clerk reported that she had received the resignation of Cllr Paul Clement, so we have a vacancy again!



Unfortunately, Ann Nott, our newly co-opted Councillor has changed her mind and decided not to join us. The November Council meeting received a letter from Ann saying that she would not be continuing as a Councillor. This means we again have a vacancy.


At their full Council Meeting on 9th October the Council were pleased to be able to co-opt Mrs Ann Nott as a Town Councillor. We hope she finds the role interesting and rewarding. This means that we now have no vacancies on the Council.


As of Thursday 10th August, the Town Clerk's address will be:

18 Hele Road

The telephone number will remain the same at 01392 881641