Burials in Bradninch

There are three burial grounds in Bradninch: the Churchyard of St Disens Church, the Cemetery and the one behind the Baptist Church.  The first two are maintained by the Town Council while the latter is maintained by the Baptist Church.  The Churchyard of St Disens Church was officially closed around 1958 because it was full.  Since then burials have only taken place there where a plot had already been reserved or into an existing grave.  The Cemetery, located at the end of Cemetery Lane, off Millway, has separate areas for burials and cremated remains, though cremated remains may be placed in an existing grave.

Below is a list of links to the areas which have been transcribed so far and it is intended that more will be added as soon as possible.

Every care has been taken to ensure that the information is correct but to be sure you will need to verify this in the original records kept by the Town Clerk, though it is possible that they could be incorrect too!  If you believe you have found a mistake please let the Town Clerk know.

Fees and Rules for the Burial Grounds

The current fees can be seen in this document:

The current rules for the burial grounds can be seen in this document: