The Bradninch Town Trust



The Town Trust are pleased to have been able to appoint a new Clerk, Sarah Wicks; see the bottom of the page for contact details.

Prior to 1886 the Charities of the Parish were administered by the Mayor and Corporation of the Borough of Bradninch, Trustees appointed by them and in some cases by the Churchwardens and the Overseers of the poor.  As the Corporation of Bradninch ceased to exist in 1886 the Charity Commissioners made the following schemes:-

  1. To create a Town Trust, vesting in the Official Trustees of Charitable  Lands, and the appointment of Trustees.  Order sealed 5th March, 1889.
  2. To create the Town Trust, then existing, the Trustees of the Parochial  Charities.   Order sealed 7th November 1893.

The Trustees consist of 5 Co-optative and 4 Representative Trustees, elected for a term of 4 years, and can be reappointed.  The co-optative trustees are elected by the whole of the trustees at a meeting held for the purpose and the representative trustees are elected by Bradninch Town Council.

The Current Trustees 

Representative Trustees Co-opted Trustees
 Mrs Jane Webber (Chair)  Mr Peter Lucey
 Mrs Joan Brown  Mrs Jenny Richards
 Mr Phil Chambers  Mrs Beverley Harris
 Mr James Pettit  Mr Martin White
Clerk to the Trust: Ms Sarah Wicks.

Trust Responsibilities

The Trust is Responsible for administration of the Parochial Charities and owns and is responsible for the Guildhall, 3 fields, Bussells Orchard, 2 Cottages and a house in Jubilee Close.  The fields, cottages and house are all leased to local residents. See also a list if the charities administered by the Town Trust.


Summaries of the accounts for recent years can be found here:

The Guildhall

The Guildhall  is a listed building and is the principal meeting place for the community, housing the Council Chamber, two large function rooms (each with kitchen and cloakroom facilities with environmental health approval) and a stage and licensed bar in the upstairs room, bookings for group meetings and tuition groups, various fund-raising activities including the popular regular Saturday coffee mornings run by local organisations.

The day-to-day management of the Guildhall has for many years been undertaken by a Management Committee, appointed by the Town Trust. The Town Trust are always looking for more helpers on the Management  Committee.  It is essential that the Guildhall is fully used in order to maintain it- bookings can be made via the Bookings Clerk (see below).  It is worth checking out the competitive prices.

Town Trust Chairman: Mrs Jane Webber, Ashbeare, West End Road Road, EX5 4QS.  Telephone 01392 881394

Clerk to the Trust/Bookings Clerk: Ms Sarah Wicks, 29 Passmore Road, EX5 4QT. Tel No. 01392 881869