It is believed that the first Guildhall was built in the 12th century, when Bradninch became a borough.

The Guildhall in 1870's. long before the extensions and alterations. The Russian Cannon was captured at Sevastopol in 1855 and given by the then Prince of Wales. The gun carriage was given by the Prince Consort (Prince Albert). Both the gun and the iron railings were lost to the war effort, except for a metal plate with the inscription 'Captured 1855 at Sevastopol' now among the other relics in the Guildhall

1890s ? 2002

Looking up Millway from corner of Peter Street and High Street. Notice how the 'Then' postcard looks very bare due to no trees in front of the Guildhall. Also no bus shelter either.

1960s ? 2002

The last 40 years have not seen any major changes between these 2 photos. The bus shelter had the 2 small walls removed and the Guildhall was painted a cream colour about 8 years ago. The paving outside the guildhall was renewed with small brick paving during 2001.


1960s ? 2002

Looking from Millway to the centre of the Town. The most noticeable change here is the window above the door (left) has been blocked in. Again notice that there is only one vehicle in the old postcard.