1870 LOOKING DOWN 2002

A lot of changes here with no thatched roofs left. A disastrous fire started at the bakery and spread up and down the hill destroying every house apart from The Olde White Lion, which in those days had a thatched roof.

Other changes include: Smaller windows, higher roof lines with smaller chimneys. All that remains the same between the 2 photos are: Doorways, Cob walls and the iron railings and stone wall.

Below, I have superimposed the 1870 thatched roofs onto today's view of the street. Notice just how much lower the roof line was back then.


1960s ? 2002

The Bakery shop at the bottom has not changed with still the original shop front, it is now a hairdressers. Only 2 cars on the left hand side, now all cars are parked on the right hand side and there are many more of them.