Date Unknown 2002 Looking Down (lower)

The king William pub used to be the building on the right. It is now hidden behind a tree.

Date Unknown 2002 Looking Down (middle)


1955 Antique Shop 2002

This shop was an antique shop when the old postcard was taken, it was also a bakery before that. When the house was renovated some 5 years ago they found the old oven behind a wall near the kitchen. The only shop come business down the right hand side of Fore Street is Alarmtec.

1907 2002 Looking Down (Top)

The trees now have grown to obscure the right hand side of Fore Street despite them being pollarded every 2-4 years. Again not a vehicle in sight in the old postcard, now there are about 40 vehicles parked down the street. All overhead power lines down Fore Street were removed about 7 years ago.



An extremely rare sight to see not a car in Fore Street in 2002. The only reason for this is because highways had to lay a new road.



Date Unknown 2002

View from Cullompton Hill. Heggadon close is now to the right of the now photo. Notice how all the trees have grown up since the old photo.