Letters and Emails Received

Memories, after 60 years begin to fade in your mind. I am close to 80 years of age now. However, I do remember some things. Our Quonset huts were in a field on the southern fringe of the town. I do remember when we would want to go to town we would make a left out of the encampment and then a left on to the main street. I do not remember any of the names of the streets. As we walked north on the street the fish and chip shop was on the left side of the street and the bakery and some kind of restaurant was across the street. I would have remembered a candy shop if there was one as sweets were, and still are one of my weaknesses. I suspect since there was rationing at the time candy was in very short supply. I do not remember anyone by name, but I do recall that people were generally very friendly. Of course the British soldiers resented us somewhat.  They used to call us, “Bloody Yanks” and they said the problem with us was that we were: Overpaid---Oversexed and Over Here (England.)  It was all good natured and we really got along well during some very tough times. I can remember going to Exeter, Torquay (not sure I spelled that right.) I also had a little time before D-Day to go to London. I was there during some of the air raids and can remember how brave the people were. We stayed at a Red Cross Hostel of some kind. I think it was called, “Columbia” As far as I know there has never been a reunion of my outfit, I have lost touch with all of the men in our battery. We were in Battery C, 955th Field Artillery Battalion which was part of Fifth Corps, First Army. We fired 155mm howitzers during the war.

I don’t remember any dances in Bradninch when I was there. By the way wasn’t it Bradnich originally? I may have some photos of when I was in Bradninch and I will look for them. If and when I find them I will send them. I am attaching a picture taken of me in Bradninch in 1944. I was in London on vacation about 7 years ago and my wife and I loved every minute we were there. If our health holds up, we hope to come again and see more of England and possibly Bradninch at that time.

Kind regards,

Murray Weiss