We have a shiny new website! It can be found at: www.bradninch-climate-group.co.uk Currently you may notice that there is not much on it, but we hope to add some documents and contacts for local suppliers, notices of forthcoming events etc. If you have suggestions for things to put on it, please contact John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  He is moderating the site at the moment, but is keen for a select group to have editorial access.

We have an ever-increasing library of books and pamphlets on all aspects of climate change, and am happy for people to borrow them. I will put a list of titles on the website. Currently I am reading The New Economics, which is a brilliant and thoroughly readable alternative vision for the future. It proposes an economic structure that values real prosperity and the values that groups like the Transition movement embody. Also reading Waste, a book about the scandalous quantities of food being wasted at all levels of the supply chain. It suggests that cutting down on food waste could even reduce carbon dioxide emissions by itself!

We have 2 groups: the EcoTeam, which will follow a programme provided by a national eco-awareness charity, aiming at measuring efficiency and waste and finding new ways to cut down and save money.
Also the economics study group, which will be much more interesting than it sounds! This will also follow a course as a stimulus to discussions.

The Veg Stall will start up when the season gets going, and we hope to have a smart banner for it this year.